Face It. It’s Your Life!

Face reading is a powerful tool by which you:

•    Can understand yourself better
•    Have compassion for the ‘shadow’ side that hasn’t been acknowledged
•    Tap into your hidden potential
•    Align with your true life purpose
•    Give you the ‘inside edge’ on life clarity

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Here's To Discovering The Truth In Your Face

5 Key Facial Features to Appreciate

To know yourself, you’ve got to look in the mirror and take a good look at what you see. Before you shrink in horror at the thought, here are a few things you should know about what you’re seeing. Over the last 13 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of ‘tools’ to help people accelerate their […]

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Here’s to Your Amazing Face!

Your face is the key to understanding who you are, who you came here to be and how to understand ...

Order Your Own Face Reading Video

Having a video that shares publicly about who you are can be really helpful. First, it says who you are from the inside out, which can be validating and give voice to what you ‘know’ but don’t know how to say. Second, it shares your natural talents that support you in your relationships and in your business.

For example, if you are a professional face reader, and your face shows that you have a high degree of intuition and an ability to communicate effectively, those are two skills that naturally ‘wire’ you to do what you do well and which can help other people through your business.

For your own face reading video, I’ll need a good headshot (and a profile one would be helpful but not necessary), as well as your name, your business name and website (if you have it) and what email you’d like your video link sent to upon completion. Unless requested otherwise in advance, your video will be posted on youtube.com.

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If you’d like a 3-minute(ish) video of your face reading for $47, order it here:


What Does Your Face Say About You?

Your unique way of understanding and relating to the world is explained in the ‘map’ of face; that is, your facial features, structures and characteristics show who you came here to be and how you relate to the world around you.

Everyone has natural and distinct emotional and energetic patterns that guide them in making decisions and choices in everything from how to spend their time to their life purpose. And those patterns are reflected in your face.

Life Can Be Easier…

If you knew what those patterns say about you, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy and struggle because you can set yourself up to be in the natural flow of your energy.

For example, if you are a person who is naturally ‘wired’ to delegate, but you don’t set that up for yourself, what happens? The need is there, so you fulfill it by telling people what to do – your spouse, your kids, the dog, etc. – and people think you’re ‘bossy’. Once you hear that label, you may take that in and feel bad about yourself, when it’s actually a natural talent!

Face reading is a tool by which to understand your true nature – your unique emotional and energetic patterns that make you special in the world.

By aligning with your own natural energies, you can:

Find your right life path to express your unique purpose

Attract more abundance and opportunities naturally

Be more compassionate in your relationships

Understand your reactions to people and situations better

Validate your intuition

Give you a reference point from which to make better decisions

Create your life and business by design

To schedule your own 1:1 face reading analysis for $247, click here. (Please note your payment will be processed Creative Catalyst, my parent company.)

As soon as your payment comes through on this end, either me or one of my team will contact you to get your consultation scheduled asap!

Please Check Back – Products Are In Development!

In the meantime: Listen in on an overview class I taught about the basics of face reading. It’s a little bit scratchy at times (I apologize in advance), but it has such good information that I decided to include it here as a gift product.

Teleclass Series: The Amazing Truth in Your Face

Your face tells a lot about you… your experiences, your unique energies, your relationship with the world and the people around you. It also tells if you’re on your right path, and where your special talents can be found in life.  All in all, your face is the blend of who you are from the inside out.

Like anything else in life, there is a language that your face is speaking to you (and the people around you). By learning some core principles and gaining a basic awareness about the language of your face, you can understand how to improve your communications, relationships and soul-driven business outcomes.

Sometimes this kind of insight allows you to articulate what you’ve known about yourself but could never quite put a finger on it. Sometimes this information opens you up to your own possibilities in new ways. And sometimes it just helps to have clarity about how you make decisions and where you’re going from here.

If you’re intrigued by what your face says about you, and you have three hours to invest in yourself, the Face Reading Basics teleclass is for you!

We will cover some of the essential keys to understanding your true nature, including:

  • How to “see” your face overall
  • The decades of your life
  • The meaning of key facial features
  • The three zones of perception
  • Where money “lives” in your face
  • And more…

If you want to live and conduct business in flow with your natural patterns, your face is likely to be holding your key to success! When you are in the flow of yourself, you’re naturally more attractive to abundance, relationships and opportunities. Learn where you could be attracting by understanding more about your personal energy patterns.

The teleclass series is coming soon!  This is your opportunity to ask questions and I will be asking for “face” volunteers to help demonstrate specific face reading learning topics. Be sure to email me here and let me know you’re interested (there’s a waiting list!).

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