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Lynn Scheurell

Lynn Scheurell, spiritual teacher, evolutionist and the ‘Facebook Facereader’, works with people who want life change to get to their next best level by accessing focused clarity.

Going beyond what they know, find familiar and expect can be chaotic and overwhelming; Lynn’s unique way of innovating and facilitating conscious awareness through co-creative dialogue and a high level of connection helps people naturally transform their lives. It is from understanding who they are at core that people can move beyond the chaos, overwhelm and repetitive patterning that shows up in their life.

Specializing in working with entrepreneurs and people living in alignment with their authentic truths since 1998, she helps her clients integrate who they are with what is showing up in their life by using a personalized self-discovery experience.

Through practical application of the discoveries learned from their soul’s wisdom, her clients quantum-leap their growth for powerful life transformation.

5 Key Facial Features to Appreciate

To know yourself, you’ve got to look in the mirror and take a good look at what you see. Before you shrink in horror at the thought, here are a few things you should know about what you’re seeing. Over the last 13 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of ‘tools’ to help people accelerate their […]

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