I am having SO much fun watching magic happen all around me.  I am going to go back and watch my face reading again.  Your seeing the depth in me had an impact and I stand with more courage and conviction because of it!

~ Catherine

OMIGOD! That was so incredible and accurate, Lynn! You have a great angle here. I want to talk to you about being a guest on one of my mastermind calls. You rock!!!

~ Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

You are just too cool !!  Very, VERY accurate!  Nobody tells me what to do… I usually instruct everyone else where to be, do, stand … hahahahahaha!!!  In a nice and friendly way…

Thanks MUCH ! Blessings !

~ G.

Wow!! You’re amazing… Thank you for doing this, and thank you to my friend for the wonderful gift! So, I told my friend that I didn’t want you to know some things about me (touring musician etc.) because I was afraid that it would influence your evaluation. It didn’t matter… you are very accurate in your reading. Have a very happy Holiday and thank you for this wonderful gift.

~ Bobby Hendricks

Thank you for your commitment to always seeing the best in others, and to teaching others how to make the most out of a simple facial profile.  You are awesome!

~ Russell Yermal

“I was first attracted to work with you through your face reading service. But I quickly learned that this uncanny ability of yours is just the jumping-off place for your talents. You teach through light, with warmth and empathy. And you provide sound advice through a rare and unusual combination of spirituality, practical instincts, and real business sense. I was at a cross-road and you helped me to identify the best path to take.  Not only that, you made excellent suggestions for my new website. Working with you is such a joyful experience because it’s clear that the heart-felt connection with your client is all that matters to you in the moment.”

All the best,

Mia Doucette,

Lynn…you are AMAZING! I’m getting emails from friends that are SHOCKED with your accuracy! I look forward to talking to you soon and interviewing you for our radio show…you have so much to share the world!

PS. I’m working on that new headshot…

~ Matthew Sapaula

“This was so much fun!  I highly recommend Lynn.  We had a one-hour private session full of personal and professional insights and new ways to think about using a headshot … and then she created this video.  Hope you enjoy!  Love, Debbie”

~ Debbie Phillips

Thanks!  I love your facebook face readings so much I’m going to copy you and do hand readings — with full credit to you for the idea, of course.  What better way to showcase what we do and the benefits of the process than doing it so others can see it in an open way!

Thanks for the inspiration — you are truly a creative catalyst!

~Peggie Arvidson

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